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Type of Course

States Golf Course is a beautiful public golf course offering a challenging yet relaxing game of golf. States is a player friendly course and suitable for all abilities and ages.  The layout of the course and the clubhouse provide the perfect place to have an outing or spend an afternoon with the whole family.  Located 2 miles East of Schoolcraft and 11 miles South of Portage, and are ideally situated in a beautiful country setting.  The front nine has large open fairways and plentiful trees that come into play.  It plays longer, has larger greens, and is more open which plays well for a long ball hitter.  The back nine is shorter, the greens are smaller and firmer due to an old clay base, and the fairways are closer together and tighter.  Number 17 is still the only water hole on the course. Precision is the key to the back nine. On both sides, the greens are fairly flat, but tend to be a bit tricky due to the speed of the putts.  Total yardage from the white tees is 6248 and gold tees 5673 with a par of 72.  The red tees, also the ladies tees, has a total yardage of 5530 and a par of 74.


States was originally established in 1927 starting with the development of the back nine (east side of 18th street).  The back nine greens at that time were mowed in the shape of different States which in turn gave the course its name.  Number 17 being the only water hole at the time was shaped as Michigan.  The front nine and original clubhouse was build in the mid 1960’s.  The new clubhouse was completed in March of 2010 after a fire in May 2009 destroyed the original clubhouse.

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The Jasiak Family

States is family owned and operated.  Walter and Rosalie Jasiak bought the course in February 1982 with Eric, son, Anne and Sara, daughters, in tow.  Walt and Rosalie successfully ran the course together for many years. The course is currently run by Eric and his wife Lisa.  This year the Jasiak family is working their 35th season and prides itself on being a player friendly course.