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“States Golf Course is family owned & prides itself on being a player friendly course”


States Golf Course is family owned and operated.  Walter and Rosalie Jasiak bought the course in February 1982 with Eric, son, Anne and Sara, daughters, in tow.  Walt and Rosalie successfully ran the course together for many years. The course is currently run by Eric and his wife Lisa.  This year the Jasiak family is working their 35th season and prides itself on being a player friendly course.

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11th Hall Builders 9:00 am
12th “The Outing” 8:00 am
12th Jones Memorial 2:00 pm
13th Fore Women Only 9:00 am
19th Moose Fall Fling 8:30 am
19th Schoolcraft Athletic 1:30 pm
20th Jean Shrader Memorial 10:00 am
26th Bragagnini Invitational 10:00 am
27th Vicksburg Athletic

2nd Brodhagen/Cox Family 9:00 am
3rd Indian Lake Association 8:00 am
3rd Triple six 12:00 pm
8th U.A.W. Retirees 9:00 am
9th Angel Memorial 9:00 am
10th Polish American 10:00 am
15th Esper Electric 1:00 pm
16th Humphrey Products 9:00 am
16th Vicksburg Lions Club 1:30 pm
17th Membership 9:00 am

7th and 8th Match Play 8:30

States Golf Course

20 East ‘W’ Avenue
Vicksburg, MI 49097

(269) 649-1931

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